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Sport Psychologists – Preventers or fixers

Posted 2 years ago Rebecca Chidley 2 minute read comment

Sport Psychology is a growing discipline and one that I find myself privileged to be involved in. Despite this growth, I still wonder why […]


What is sport psychology?

Posted 5 years ago Helen Oliver 2 minute read comments

Sport psychology means different things to different people, as I found out when the question was put to a group of football coaches in […]


From pit stop to pole position- The role of a Sport Psychologist

Posted 5 years ago Helen Staff 2 minute read comment

Psychology is a word that is thrown around with the likes of therapy and psychiatry. Adding sport on the front, still does not seem […]


Would you encourage your children into the world of competitive athletics?

Posted 5 years ago Sarah Griffiths 3 minute read comment

Not so long ago I was asked by a friend of mine, who is an athlete as well as me and has been for […]


Effective sport psychologists – who are they?

Posted 6 years ago Charlotte Chandler 2 minute read comment

In addition to the standards and competencies that sport psychologists must demonstrate to achieve accreditation with the relevant governing bodies, effective sport psychologists have […]


Practicing in the ‘Real World’ of sport psychology

Posted 6 years ago Chris Rowley 3 minute read comments

Jones, Evans and Mullen (2007) recently suggested that texts which choose to adopt the perspective of trainee practitioners within sport psychology “have the potential to not […]


What can sport psychology practitioners learn from counselling psychology?

Posted 6 years ago Charlotte Chandler 2 minute read comments

In recent years, the field of applied sport psychology has broadened to encompass not only the use of problem-solving approaches concerned with mental skills […]

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