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Self-talk During Sport – Advantage or Detriment

Posted 1 year ago Michael Mellinger 2 minute read comments

Self-talk is the process of which an individual may guide him/herself to accomplish a goal. Whether or not the goals are specific or broad, […]


Directing Attentional Focus during Resistance Training

Posted 2 years ago Crystal Chariton 2 minute read comments

The focus of attention is influential in how well athletes learn sport-related and movement skills (movement efficiency, such as force production, speed, and endurance) […]


Positive Self-Talk in Sport

Posted 3 years ago Gobinder Gill 0 minute read comment

THEORY: Positive self-talk relates to the ability to overcome negative thinking. Those who practice positive self-talk are more likely not to suffer from negative […]


Self Talk, Attentional Focus and Skill Execution – Best Practice

Posted 3 years ago Keith Begley 3 minute read comments

International rugby stars and place kickers Dan Carter, Jonny Sexton and Jonny Wilkinson, among many others place the ball, set themselves, say something to […]


Becoming a more confident performer

Posted 3 years ago Chris Lynch 4 minute read comment

Its the week of the big game, exam or even a job interview, you start to feel ‘butterflies’ in your stomach, you start to […]


How will self talk influence tennis players competing at Wimbledon?

Posted 4 years ago BelievePerform 2 minute read comment

With the Wimbledon tennis championship fast approaching, there will be a number of the worlds best tennis players preparing physically and mentally for the […]


Self-talk as a tool for performance development

Posted 4 years ago Frank Heggebo 2 minute read comment

Self-talk is considered one of the main psychological strategies for developing a better mental state in sports context and it can take several forms: […]


Choice Words

Posted 4 years ago Catherine Robertson 1 minute read comments

Self-talk is a valuable tool, one of the most effective methods of instilling self-confidence. Talking to yourself, despite being the first sign of madness, […]


Are you mentally tough enough to become a US navy SEAL?

Posted 4 years ago Katie Nichols 4 minute read comment

Advancing and optimising performance in military training has been of great interest to sport psychologists over the years. Performance enhancement is the deliberate refinement […]


How does self-talk help cricketers?

Posted 4 years ago Henry Woodward 3 minute read comment

Self-talk is a major psychological skill used by professional and amateur cricketers. It is a method which a player can develop without the help […]


Positive self-talk versus acceptance self-talk

Posted 5 years ago Sophie Walton 4 minute read comments

Internal dialogue or self-talk, as it is most commonly referred to in sport psychology, is an occurrence nearly every athlete experiences. Although positive self-talk […]


A Guide to Controlling Competition Anxiety

Posted 5 years ago Catherine Robertson 3 minute read comments

Anxiety is a state consisting of psychological and physical symptoms brought about by a sense of apprehension of a perceived threat. However, levels of […]


Reaching Your Potential – An Optimum State of Mind

Posted 5 years ago Andrew Wood 3 minute read comment

When playing within a team sport having freedom and creativity are vital aspects of successful performance. This style can transform teams who are rigid […]


How to achieve optimal attentional focus

Posted 5 years ago Keith Begley 1 minute read comments

Ronan O Gara and Jonny Wilkinson, among many others place the ball, set themselves, say something to themselves and then go about their business […]


Choke vs panic in sports

Posted 5 years ago Mike Margolies 2 minute read comments

In working with athletes on emotional control especially as it concerns emotional intelligence I frequently need to help athletes cope with situations in which […]


One way to get over choking in The Open

Posted 6 years ago Sean Ryder 3 minute read comment

You have the talent, you’ve been working hard at your game, you’re physically in great shape and you’ve won plenty of times in the […]


Hot button sssues and the influence of self talk

Posted 6 years ago Catherine Robertson 2 minute read comments

Self-talk, or our internal monologue, often has contrasting effects; used correctly self-talk is one of the most effective methods of instilling self-confidence. Negative self-talk […]


Increasing internal self-awareness to improve performance

Posted 6 years ago Thomas Buck 2 minute read comments

Creating and developing an internal self-awareness within athletes is, for me, the most important job a sport psychologist has within applied work, and is […]


Self talk

Posted 6 years ago James Barraclough 2 minute read comments

Everyone has an inner voice which can be either helpful or unhelpful – the angel on one shoulder (helpful) and the devil on the other (unhelpful). […]


Self-talk; Maximise your thoughts

Posted 6 years ago Adam Kelly 1 minute read comments

We all talk to ourselves it is something we do every day. However our own awareness of this varies. If we are aware of […]

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