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What is the purpose of training?

Posted 5 years ago Adam Kelly 2 minute read comment

Answering this question will provide direction for every coach and sport psychologist. For me this is simple: to improve the athlete’s technique, skills, tactics […]


Practice Better Than You Compete?

Posted 5 years ago Erica Beachy 3 minute read comments

One common issue that athletes seek sport psychology services for is to learn how to perform in a competition as well as they do […]


Deliberate Practice

Posted 5 years ago Tom Saville 3 minute read comments

Anders Ericsson carried out extensive research on what it takes to become an expert. Ericsson (1993) says that it takes 10,000 hours (20 hours for […]


Practice or play in sport: What is best for creating champions?

Posted 5 years ago Spencer Vickery 4 minute read comments

In sports coaching, play and practice are said to be two of the key variables that influence skill acquisition. However knowing what is the […]

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