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Promoting Healthy Perfectionism

Posted 2 weeks ago Justine Anthony 0 minute read comments

Manipulating the paradox of perfectionism: promoting healthy perfectionism in sport

Posted 2 weeks ago Justine Anthony 6 minute read comments

Elite athletes are known for their exceptional physiology. Arguably, their superior strength, power, endurance and biomechanics all play a key role in enabling their […]


Professional Pressure – Football and Mental Health

Posted 2 years ago Tracy Donachie 3 minute read comments

Football has been described as “more than just a game” (Jones, 1995). As a result, footballers are experiencing psychological distress despite achieving great sporting […]


Can you identify a perfectionist?

Posted 3 years ago Tracy Donachie 1 minute read comments

Have you ever been told that you are a perfectionist? Or have you ever felt that you a perfectionist? When everything needs to be […]


Perfectionism- Adaptive or maladaptive to athletic performance

Posted 4 years ago Georgina Thow 2 minute read comment

Although research into perfectionism has increased exponentially in recent years a lot of controversy still surrounds the topic ( Flett & Hewitt,2005) . The […]


Perfectly motivated?

Posted 4 years ago Tracy Donachie 2 minute read comment

A controversial issue within the psychology field is perfectionism. Perfectionism is described as a broad multidimensional personality trait characterised by the pursuit of extremely high […]


Perfectionism and its application within a football setting

Posted 4 years ago Sarah Jackson 3 minute read comment

What is perfectionism? Perfectionism has been identified as an innate characteristic of personality (Stoeber et al. 2007), in a sporting context it is characterised […]


Perfectionism and burnout

Posted 5 years ago Mark Brodie 3 minute read comments

How do athletes become elite players in their chosen sport? Is it their innate talent or do they train every hour of every day […]

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