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5 tips to motivate students

Posted 2 months ago BelievePerform 0 minute read comments

Learn 5 ways in which you can motivate your students and buy this infographic here now


Mental Toughness: Olympic Greatness

Posted 2 years ago Sarah Griffiths 3 minute read comment

It doesn’t seem that long since the London 2012 Olympic Games were gracing our TV screens in the Summer that saw Great Britain achieve […]


Maintaining Motivation for Exercise: New Year, New You?

Posted 2 years ago Sarah Griffiths 4 minute read comments

Now 2016 is fully upon us, many of us will have noticed an increase in the amount of people in your local gym. A […]


Emotional Intelligence: Role in Coaching

Posted 2 years ago Lauren Onojaife 1 minute read comments

Coaching is far more than just teaching sports skills to individuals and teams. It is also about inspiring, giving confidence and motivating others by […]


Marathon Mindset

Posted 3 years ago Mark Brodie 2 minute read comments

The 2015 Edinburgh Marathon is almost upon us. The gun will go off at 9.50am on 31st May with thousands of runners streaming out […]


Interactions of Motivation

Posted 3 years ago Emily Cheek 2 minute read comments

Theories of Motivation Motivation is a key aspect of sport and can be used to predict an individual’s behaviour during a performance depending on […]


Five key attributes of the mentally tough athlete

Posted 3 years ago Evie Serventi 4 minute read comments

Mental toughness is hard to quantify and define, and it is increasingly evident that the concept can mean different things to different people. UK […]


Motivating athletes: The role of the organisation

Posted 3 years ago Ruth Senior 2 minute read comments

“Motivation will almost always beat mere talent” Norman Ralph Augustine Motivation is a key subject for athletes, coaches and sporting organisations. In sport psychology, […]


Choice Words

Posted 3 years ago Catherine Robertson 1 minute read comments

Self-talk is a valuable tool, one of the most effective methods of instilling self-confidence. Talking to yourself, despite being the first sign of madness, […]


How strong are you? Mental and physical endurance in sport

Posted 3 years ago Niklas Cederström 3 minute read comments

“The mind’ll quit a lot sooner than the body will.” I had a coach a few years ago that would tell us this as […]


Self efficacy in sport and exercise: Determining effort, persistence and performance

Posted 3 years ago Sarah Griffiths 6 minute read comments

A complex process of self appraisals and self persuasion form the basis of judgements that individuals create with regards to whether they believe they […]


Explaining motivational behaviour patterns

Posted 3 years ago Chloe Doble 2 minute read comments

Motivation can be defined as the factors which direct and energise the behaviours of humans and other organisms- the drive behind the reasons we […]


Motivation in sport

Posted 3 years ago Valerie Dennehy 3 minute read comments

Dwight Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States, once said that “motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want […]


Self-determination theory: LeBron James and his return to Cleveland

Posted 3 years ago Maximilian H Pollack, M.S. 3 minute read comment

Surprising though it may have been, one of the most talented athletes in our world today, LeBron James, has chosen to leave the NBA’s […]


Performance analysis, psychology and the role of the motivational video

Posted 3 years ago Emily Draper 2 minute read comments

Performance Analysis and Sports Psychology are perhaps the two newest additions to the strings of the sports science bow. Documents of their effectiveness are […]


Coaching Style: Fierce vs Friendly

Posted 3 years ago Ben Sheath 2 minute read comments

It has long been said in the media that different coaches have different styles of coaching. The question is, what does this really mean? […]


Perfectly motivated?

Posted 4 years ago Tracy Donachie 2 minute read comment

A controversial issue within the psychology field is perfectionism. Perfectionism is described as a broad multidimensional personality trait characterised by the pursuit of extremely high […]


Born to be number one, or is second actually the best?

Posted 4 years ago Sarah Griffiths 2 minute read comment

There are many theories surrounding the development of personality. The Biological Approach to personality suggests that genetics are responsible, with a well researched link […]


The power of the underdog

Posted 4 years ago Duncan Foster 5 minute read comments

In August of last year I moved to the USA to play soccer for a small university in Tennessee. What we achieved as a […]


The social net-workout

Posted 4 years ago Hannah Farmer 2 minute read comment

With over a billion Facebook users, more than 9,000 Tweets posted per second and an average of 55 million photos uploaded via Instagram everyday, […]

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