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Emotional Control Under Pressure: A Practical Guide

Posted 9 months ago Erin Prior 1 minute read comments

This brief practical guide will provide feasible recommendations for developing emotional control in high pressure situations. Encouraging Emotional Intelligence: This very useful form of […]


Mindfulness: Improving Sports Performance & Reducing Sport Anxiety

Posted 1 year ago Crystal Chariton 2 minute read comments

Athletes spend much of their time mentally and physically preparing for athletic competitions in hopes of improving playing performances. However, many athletes are inconsistent […]


The problem with self-control

Posted 2 years ago Michael Roskams 3 minute read comments

DO NOT THINK ABOUT A PINK ELEPHANT. When reading a command like that, the majority of people invariably think of a pink elephant. It’s […]


ACT on the Gridiron: A New Approach to Sport Performance Enhancement in Football

Posted 2 years ago Mitch Plemmons 4 minute read comments

Summer is winding down over here in the States. Temperatures are cooling down, and leaves will soon begin changing colors. Fall is approaching, which […]


What to expect from the MAC approach

Posted 3 years ago Mitch Plemmons 2 minute read comment

In my last article, I introduced the Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment Approach to sport performance enhancement, as developed by Gardner and Moore (2004). I briefly outlined the […]


The MAC approach to sport performance enhancement

Posted 3 years ago Mitch Plemmons 2 minute read comment

Frank Gardner and Zella Moore (2001) developed the Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment (MAC) approach to sport performance enhancement in a response to the absence of research supporting […]


Mindfulness and acceptance – World Cup Edition

Posted 4 years ago Mitch Plemmons 2 minute read comment

The penalty kick is widely considered the most anxiety-provoking situation in all of football. Whether it be a schoolyard match at the local grade […]


The leader state

Posted 4 years ago Tracy Donachie 3 minute read comment

Are you bringing out the best in the people you work with? What leadership skills do you hold? Do you display positive emotions and […]


The role of mindfulness in sport

Posted 4 years ago Mitch Plemmons 2 minute read comments

Imagine yourself walking up to the tee box on the 18th hole of the PGA Championship. You are leading the field, and simply have […]


The Application of mindfulness practice in sport

Posted 4 years ago Catherine McCanny 3 minute read comments

This article will focus on the emerging practice of mindfulness within the sporting environment. An overview of what mindfulness is and how it can […]

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