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Expected Performance After Head Injury – How to Approach an Invisible Opponent

Posted 1 year ago Michael Mellinger 4 minute read comments

Sports related head injuries (e.g., concussions) affect one’s ability to concentrate, make decisions, foster learning, and perform both individually and collaboratively as part of […]


Role of Sport Psychology in a Physical Therapy Setting

Posted 3 years ago Diane Gorog 2 minute read comments

The medical field has recognized the importance of physical therapy in regards to injury recovery for many years. Specific exercise plans are carefully designed […]


The Psychological Effects of Injury

Posted 3 years ago Nollaig O' Sullivan 2 minute read comment

Injury is one of the most common threats that athletes encounter during the season. Athletes frequently take part in major competitions despite ‘having a […]


The role of imagery in the rehabilitation setting

Posted 3 years ago Sidd Sampla 2 minute read comments

Imagery is the ability to use all the senses to create or recreate an experience in the mind. Thus, imagery is a sensory experience […]


Sport Injury Response Survey

Posted 4 years ago BelievePerform 1 minute read comments

If you are over 18 years old and have experienced a sport injury then please take a moment to complete the survey below. Just […]


Can psychological measures be used to predict injury?

Posted 4 years ago Frederick Dawes 2 minute read comments

It is accepted that throughout an athlete’s career they will encounter injury setbacks. But it does appear, at least anecdotally, that some athletes experience […]


ACL injury in elite female footballers: Psychological risks successful transition

Posted 4 years ago Chris Lynch 3 minute read comment

Research within sport psychology highlights and emphasises the potentially stressful nature of sports participation (e.g., Fletcher, Hanton & Mellalieu, 2006; Fletcher, Hanton Mellalieu & […]


Identify your fear of re-injury and overcome it!

Posted 4 years ago Leah Moore 3 minute read comment

Unfortunately injury is a common threat when it comes to both elite and non-elite sport. How we cope with it may determine our path […]


Stretching: When is it effective?

Posted 4 years ago Juliano Pereira 4 minute read comment

Stretching has long been standard practice in sport. Advocates of stretching claim that it helps reduce injury, improve performance, and aid recovery. However, a […]


Recovery from injury

Posted 5 years ago Jacob Morris 3 minute read comments

It was only five months before the 2014 Winter Olympics when Team GB snowboarder Billy Morgan ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and medial […]


Maintaining motivation throughout injury

Posted 5 years ago Amy Rew 2 minute read comments

Unfortunately in competitive sporting environments, injuries are likely to occur. As a basketball player, despite strength and conditioning training, knee and ankle injuries are […]

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