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Thyroid medication across athletes: understanding the cause for concern

Posted 3 years ago Sarah Griffiths 3 minute read comments

There has recently been a lot of speculation regarding the use of medication for treating thyroid problems across the athletic population. It therefore seems […]


Clean Protocol – changing athletes’ attitudes towards doping

Posted 3 years ago Scott Findlay 4 minute read comments

The first most notable use of drugs in sport was during the 1904 Olympics where a marathon runner took strychnine, a type of poison […]


Drug use in athletics: How can we trust the sport?

Posted 4 years ago Sarah Griffiths 4 minute read comments

We’ve reached the end of another successful European Athletics Championships, this year held in a warm and rainy Zurich, Switzerland. Many athletes have competed […]


Depression and performance enhancing drugs – Are we willing to understand this relationship?

Posted 4 years ago Leah Moore 10 minute read comment

The development of depression during retirement from professional sport has been highlighted by many athletes and most recently by swimming legend Ian Thorpe.  James […]

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