Who are you?

  • Laura Innes
  • D.O.B: 04/11/89
  • Sport: Handball (Goal Keeper)

How did you get into sport?

I began playing handball at the late age of 18, when GB won the bid to host the London 2012 Olympics. I was part of the Talent Identification Program that was launched to ensure we could field a team in every team event (as the host nation we had automatic qualification) and I chose to commit 100% to handball in 2008 and moved to Denmark to train full time. Prior to that, I played netball at county level and rugby at regional level. I was encouraged by my parents to try everything that I was interested in, and although not coming from a very sporty family, the support in everything I did was a key ingredient in starting my sporting career.

What have you achieved?

I was the reserve squad member (for GB women’s Handball) for the London 2012 Olympic Games, allowing me to train and live with the team the entire duration of the Games.

Since 2012 I have been playing in the Swiss Premium League (highest league in Switzerland) where I have won the Swiss Championship in season 12/13 and season 13/14 as well as the Swiss Cup in 13/14. I have also been voted as the best goal keeper in Switzerland for the 12/13 and 13/14 season.

How does psychology influence your performance?

Psychology for a goal keeper is a crucial part of the game. You have an individual role within a team sport. It is our job to stand between the posts with such a presence that the opposition becomes insecure and our defence put their bodies on the line knowing that we have got their backs.

In handball an attacker shoots from 6m away, with a shot speed of 85-90 km/h, so every tiny advantage you have over the attacking player is important- the bravest player wins these situations!